Welcome to the CUNY Syllabus Project! With your help the project will become a robust resource providing a way to search, compare, and visualize syllabi across institutions, disciplines, and departments at the City University of New York. We’ve chosen to focus on CUNY for a few reasons; most centrally, as the nation’s largest urban public university system that employs over 18,000 full- and part-time faculty, a project devoted to understanding the pedagogical ecosystem at CUNY will establish a community around pedagogical practices for those that teach in such a unique educational environment. You can read more about our focus on CUNY on our blog.

Faculty (full- and part-time) who submit syllabi to the project are making a contribution to a collaborative digital community that may potentially influence how future syllabi at the CUNY campuses are created. As you and your colleagues upload syllabi, the project will become an evolving database that reflects the thinkers, ideas, and movements that are taught to the roughly 275,000 students that attend CUNY. We are looking for syllabi that cover a variety of disciplines, course levels, and topics. With that kind of diversity we can provide a rich foundation for analysis that aims to broaden and diversify what we teach at CUNY, both across and within disciplines. You can read more about our goals and methods on our About page.

Right now we’re in the the first phase of the project. Once we’ve collected a sufficient number of syllabi, we’ll use visualization tools to assess how courses are structured around particular reading materials. As those visualizations are made public, you’ll be able to identify popular modules, sequences, and relationships within disciplines and juxtapose these with other disciplines. This will enable you to analyze pedagogical trends both within and outside your field and gain a critical awareness of pedagogical strategies and texts deployed across academia.

However, don’t worry about your personal information showing up anywhere in these visualizations – we respect your right to privacy! Any personal information (name, email, etc.) that is included on the syllabus you upload will not be included in any textual analysis or visualization.
**If you choose to be listed on our Contributors page and give us permission to share your syllabi in our repository, your name will appear along with others who have contributed to the project, and your syllabi will be available for others to view.

We hope that you will contribute to this project. Click here to start uploading syllabi!